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Cosmetic Surgery

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Cosmetic Laser

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Plastic surgery

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Liposuction Breast augmentation Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to improve the size and shape…


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Jahan Pakhsh Aram  Health Tourism Team, in addition to free services such as accommodation, an accompanying translator from the moment of arrival in Iran, health insurance, 24-hour support, etc., has specialized and sub-specialized inpatient departments, special departments, clinics, departments Paraclinics and clinics are well equipped to provide quality and special services for respected patients.
Specialized and subspecialized departments of the center: operating room, orthopedic surgery, general surgery, rheumatology, internal neurology, endocrinology, digestion, blood and hematology, bone marrow transplantation, gynecology and obstetrics, neonates, infertility, neurosurgery, cardiology, surgery Cardiology, nephrology, urology, kidney transplant, maxillofacial surgery, diabetic foot department, lip kit, emergency and hope departments.
Special departments of ICU: Emergency – General ICU – Neurosurgery ICU – Internal ICU – Open heart surgery ICU – NICU – CCU – Lab kit.
Active operating rooms: urology and cystoscopy operating room, orthopedic operating room, general operating room, neurosurgery operating room, maxillofacial surgery operating room, vascular surgery operating room, open heart surgery operating room, lung and thoracic surgery operating room .

Active clinics for international patients in Iran

Shahid Dastani Clinic, Hematology, Oncology and Stem Cell Transplantation Clinic, Nuclear Medicine Clinic and Special Clinic.
Clinics: urology, nephrology, lung, general surgery, endocrinology, gastroenterology, gynecology, obstetrics, perinatal, infertility, maxillofacial surgery, genetics, dermatology, orthopedics, neurosurgery, heart, heart surgery, vascular surgery, neurology, rheumatology, ear and Otorhinolaryngology, dentistry, infectious, speech therapy, pain, nutrition and diet therapy, anesthesia, celiac disease, liver cirrhosis, Behcet, eye, psychiatry, men’s health
Paraclinical departments: clinical laboratory, pathology, imaging and pharmacy
Clinics: EMG-EEG, bronchoscopy, spirometry, bone densitometry, nuclear medicine, dialysis, physiotherapy, endoscopy, echocardiography, exercise test, pain control, rehabilitation and sports medicine.

Why Jahan Pakhsh Aram in iran?

• Low Cost
• Board Certified Surgeons
• Quality Health Care
• Less Waiting Time
• Accredited Hospital
• Personalized Services
• Language Capability
• Ease of Medical Visa Facilitation
• Advance Technology Treatment
• Strong presence in advanced healthcare e.g. Organ Transplant – High Success rate in Operations.

Contracting with medical centers

•  child-friendly medical centers
• The first successful heart transplant center in Iran
• The first bone marrow transplant center in Iran
• The first kidney transplant center in Tehran
• The first center to perform CT Scan in Iran
• The first center for video capsule endoscopy in Iran
• Referral center in the treatment of blood and oncology diseases and the treatment of blood cancers with bone marrow transplantation
• A reputable center for fellowship training in bone marrow transplantation, hematology and oncology in the country
• Establishing non-relative stem cell bank (connected to world stem cell bank)
• Scientific pole of nuclear medicine of the country
• Cancer treatment referral center with radiopharmaceuticals
• The only training center approved by the International Atomic Energy Agency
• Iran nuclear medicine association center
• Center equipped to treat digestive and liver diseases
• The only center performing the POEM technique in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases in the country
• Super-specialized center for the treatment of gastrointestinal problems, including advanced diagnostic and therapeutic ERCP, with the technique of combining two technical methods, “endoscopy” and “fluoroscopy”.
• One of the world’s most prestigious centers in the field of maxillofacial surgery and the use of 3D printers
• The only fetal laser surgery treatment center in the Middle East
• A reputable center in the treatment of female infertility and IVF in the country
• The scientific hub of rheumatology treatment in the country
• Specialized vascular angiography services in the treatment of diabetic foot
• Orthopedic subspecialty services (knee joint replacement, spinal correction surgeries for children in the country)